Do clothes matter?

The factors which influence my choice of clothes


Fashion is something important for me. It isn’t just clothes but it is also a way to express myself. In my free time I like  looking through fashion magazines but I seldom take inspiration from them. When I go out, I must feel good in the clothes I’m  wearing. When I’m shopping I can’t spend too much because  I don’t work and my parents give me money. I think that when I start working and I earn some money,  I will spend more on clothes . I will check if the stuff  comes from Fair trade companies . It’s important for me to know  if the factory which produces my clothes takes advantage of children or is harmful for the environment.


Roksana Król, kl. III Gim



Fashion is very important in my life because thanks to my clothes I can show my personality and style. Good clothes can show my advantages and cover the defects. They also give more confidence. Buying clothes can cheer me up. Why do I choose the clothes that I’m wearing?  When I buy clothes I make sure they are comfortable and nice looking. They must also match the rest of my clothes. I look at a price because sometimes I can find something of a high quality and it doesn’t have to be very expensive. I always look what the clothes are made of because I want to be eco-friendly. I think that it’s important to be a conscious consumer and buy things which are Fair trade.


Kamila Bartoszek, kl. IIIGim