Football is the most popular sport not only in England but also around the world. However, England has the best league and the best football teams. The history of  football in England started in 1857 when the first rules were written. At the same time,  the first football team, Sheffield FC, was created.

In 1992 FA Premier League was created and from that time it has become the most popular and profitable league in the world. There are 20 clubs in the Premier League. In one season three clubs fall out of the PL but three clubs advance from the Championship – the first and the second team advance without any additional matches but the third team from the table has to play in play-off round.  The Premier League (like the 3 other leagues: Serie A, La Liga Santander and Bundesliga) has 3 guaranteed places in the Champions League and one place in the qualifying round. They also have 2 guaranteed places in the European League and one place in the third  qualifying round.

Top 5 teams in the history of the Premiere League :

  1. Manchester United
  2. Chelsea FC
  3. Arsenal FC
  4. Manchester City
  5. Blackburn Rovers

Top scorers in the history of the Premiere League:

  1. Alan Shearer – 260 goals in 441 games
  2. Wayne Rooney – 197 goals in 453 games
  3. Andrew Cole – 187 goals in 414 games
  4. Frank Lampard  – 177 goals in 609 games
  5. Thierry Henry – 175 goals in 258 games (only foreigner in ranking)
  6. Robbie Fowler – 163 goals in 379 games
  7. Jermian Defoe – 157 goals in 458 games
  8. Michael Owen – 150 goals in 326 games
  9. Les Ferdinand – 149 goals in 351 games
  10. Teddy Sheringham – 146 goals in 418 games


Chelsea London is my favourite team. The history of the club is very interesting.  In 1904 a stadium called Stamford Bridge was bought by  Henry’s August and Joseph’s Mears who wanted to sell it to Fulham FC. Fulham rejected the offer so Henry and Joseph decided to create a new club which will be named after the neighbouring district “Chelsea”. From that time to the year 2003 Chelsea had as many triumphs as loses. In 2003, Russian multimillionaire Roman Abramovich bought the club. Thanks to that Chelsea could focus on actual play rather than on financial problems. In 2004 Jose Mourinho became their coach and he led to many victories.  Now, Italian coach, Antonio Conte, after  a few great years in Juventus came to Chelsea and is responsible for its latest successes. I hope he will stay in the Stamford Bridge and, together with the team, they will a lot of trophies.

This season the best team was Chelsea FC with 7 points more than the second in the table Tottenham Hotspur.

Author: Szymon Ojczyk, class II Gim